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Celebration of Tihar festival at disability centre

The second biggest festival in Nepal is “Tihar”, also known as the festival of lights, was observed and celebrated at Centre for Children with Intellectual Disabilities (CCID). CCID is the day care centre for the intellectually disabled children supported and run by Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN).

The children dressed up with ethnic costumes and performed dances together with the teachers, staffs and our volunteers. They participated in “Deusi Bhailo” singing with lots of fun & excitements. Sweets and fruits were distributed and symbolic earthen lamp was lit at the main door of the centre according to the tradition. The joy on the faces of the children was a sight to see. Festivals like this bring out the best in them and give confidence.

Click our website link http://volunteersocietynepal.org/our-projects/disability-center/ to help the children through volunteering or donation.

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