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Farewell Reception for its Volunteer Teacher at the Women Centre

VSN Women Centre, located at Pepsicola Town Planning, Kathmandu, organized a farewell reception for Marijke Prevoo, a Dutch Volunteer Teacher, during the second week of June.

Marijke had been a part of Volunteer Society Nepal since February 1st 2017. She was involved in teaching English at Buddhist monastery in Kathmandu as well as Salleri, in the mount Everest region. She also taught as a volunteer English teacher at a school in Bharatpur, Chitwan. Her original plan was to volunteer at the Orphanage. But after a visit to the Women Centre, she felt determined to be a part of this centre and help the women there in any way possible.  In no time, she grew close with the Women Centre family and was already planning new activities. Her primary thought was to encourage them to write short stories. But as the task seemed too difficult for them, she decided to collaborate with the women and publish a Nepali recipe book.

Marijke was able to accomplish her mission by organizing a short workshop for the women. In the first phase, she taught them the basics of reading and writing a recipe. Then she, along with a few other volunteers teamed up with the women to write simple recipes of dishes such as the famous “Daal Bhaat” and “Mo: Mo:” The third phase was the crux of her mission. The women were paired up and asked to write a recipe of their own. At the end of the day, they were able to come up with a whole bunch of Nepali recipes which was further compiled into the final recipe book.

The proceeds collected from the sale will go to the Women Centre library fund.

At the farewell reception, the women put up dance and song performances for Marijke. They also cooked Puri Tarkari for the lunch.

The recipe book entitled, Nepali Recipes is on sale online. It can be bought from:

Women’s Center Recipe Book

VSN Recipe Book: Interview with Marijke

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