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Gardening at the Women Centre

“Even the smallest landscape can offer pride of ownership not only to its inhabitants but to its neighbors. The world delights in a garden… Creating any garden, big or small, is, in the end, all about joy” ~ Julie Moir Messervy

The women used to spend Friday afternoons with cooking, singing & dancing at the Women Centre. But this Friday, they spent the day by weeding and preparing the garden for vegetable plantation together with our volunteer Ms. Hannah Nohorniak from USA and teachers Rabina and Elisha. Hannah is helping the women for their English and simple mathematical calculations as a volunteer teacher. The women at VSN Women Centre have keen interest not only learning English, computer uses &  Mathematical calculations, they enjoy & love gardening too.

Our up coming volunteers Martyn Gray from UK, Ingvild De Wolf from Belgium & Michèle CHAMMASSIAN from France  will be helping the centre during this July/ August.

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