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Whether you are looking to arrange a volunteering trip for students, your colleagues or simply a group of friends, we have experience of tailoring volunteer programs for between 2 and 20 people

The great thing about working in a group is the amount of work you can accomplish in a small space of time. Often we find school or clubs raise money back in their home country and then come out to get involved in the implementation of their chosen project. Construction of school facilities can be tied in with teaching, provision of medical equipment can be supported by working in health camps. We need a little more time to finalise details than with an individual volunteer, but we find the team atmosphere always ensures lots of work gets done.

Recommended Programs: 

Construction and Manual Labour
If you want all the members of the group to be working alongside one another then this is the ideal option. Schools, clinics and orphanages are always in need of new classrooms, toilet blocks or just maintenance such as painting or gardening. Even in a short time you can make a massive, and visible, difference to the lives of all those involved. These can be in both rural and urban areas depending on your preferences. Program duration: 2-4 weeks

Teaching: In certain areas there is sufficient demand for up to 10 teachers to work in nearby local schools. You will all be together for your induction week in Kathmandu and then will be split into groups of 2-4 to work in different schools. This has the benefit of giving the group a shared team challenge, but also the individual challenge 0f small groups. We can offer this in Kathmandu, Pokhara and the Solukhumbu region where all the schools would be within a maximum of half hour radius.

Health Clinics:
In the past we have worked with groups of qualified doctors and medical students coming out to Nepal to do their electives. If you only have a short period of time then the health camp is the best option. You will move around in areas which lack permnent facilities carrying out basic health checks. If you are here for longer then you can also be placed in local permanent clinics and travel into various areas educating people on the necessity of sanitation and healthcare. This is available in Kathmandu, Pokhara and rural areas.

Environmental Program:

Volunteers will mainly organize awareness raising activities to help promote the understanding of various environmental and development issues. These activities may cover environmental campaigns, sanitation campaigns, conservation campaigns, health issue campaigns, organizing papers and plastics recyclining program etc. Volunteers will combine artistic activities, such as dramas, painting, as well as games and competitions, with educational information. In this way, children’s groups in particular will be highly motivated and more effective in disseminating needed education and awareness. VSN is aware that not all volunteers posses the same skills and capacity, which is why the volunteers’ prime responsibility is to organize extra curricular learning activities through student groups (children’s clubs).Volunteers will either establish or work with an existing students group. The existing groups are run by motivated, enthusiastic, and committed students the students are essential in reinforcing your work at the school and it will be their responsibility to maintain the groups and activities after you leave. With capacity building training and resource support, these student groups can help raise the awareness, about a variety of issues, of other students and the community at large, to ensure a sustainable impact.

Contact Us by email about any particular projects you are interested in and we will discuss special rates for groups…

Why pay for volunteering?

You probably asked yourself on occasion. Why pay for volunteering? After all…you’re offering your services free of charge… and on top of that you have to pay? How ridiculous is that?? The question one should ask though is: “what is it I’m paying for?” In the following points, we will shed light on this question, and hopefully will have answered any misconceptions many people have on volunteering. As a potential intern/volunteer you need to understand that below is a list of reasons why a program fee is required.

Note: In some cases, you may work directly for the organization in need of volunteers and there may be volunteering program with little fee. These organizations may be local or international, and their process for applying generally differs from our organization as it will be more tailored to their requirements and needs and less so on those of the volunteers. But, be aware that they usually are unable or unwilling to provide above mentioned logistics and support like arranging housing, orientation, sight -seeing, language classes, visa Assistance, 24/7 support and social and Cultural activities etc.

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