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Health Volunteers’ experience: Helping and learning in Nepal Healthcare

Last month Ann-Marie and Edwina, medical students  from Australia joined VSN for Medical Elective Programme at hospital in Kathmandu and volunteered in a remote  health post for their community health care experience.


It was a combination of sharing, learning and doing. Examples of some types of illness/cases treated at a Health Clinic are as follows – all issues related to pregnancy – mother and child, family planning administration of medication and counseling, tonsillitis, thrush, ring worms, infestation worms, asthma exacerbation and onset, chest infections, common cold, all wounds/dressings – cuts, burns, lacerations, gastritis, nausea & vomiting and basic pain management.

The role of the volunteer is to perform all medical tasks within their scope of practice and share their skills with the nurses in the clinic. Actively treating and assisting in all levels of care. General nursing skills are utilized daily such as patient assessment, investigation, documentations, administration of medication, wound dressing, counseling and patient education. All performed in collaboration with the other nurses, you are never alone!

Health Post volunteering is a wonderful, challenging and rewarding placement for any volunteer who wants to actively use their skills to treat all members of the Nepali community. It is also wonderful to work for an institution that delivers free medical treatment and medication to those community members who live remotely and would otherwise not get the care they require. For many skilled volunteers, it is this experience they are looking for.

Our up coming volunteers Larissa Florence Jones & Rachel Horspool, medical students from England just arrived and have started their 5 weeks Medical Elective Programme in Kathmandu Model Hospital, combined with community health care experience programme at local health clinic.

Volunteer Society Nepal has a variety of health placements to ensure that your medical expertise benefits the most people:


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