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Ms. Deanna Dean donated money for clothing for the children at the Center for Children with Intellectual Disabilities

We always welcome donations to meet the growing needs of our centre. Recently our former volunteer Ms. Deanna Dean from Australia, came back with her husband and made a short visit at “Centre for Children with Intellectual Disabilities (CCID)” and donated the funds that she collected from her family and friends. We really would like to thank her for the outstanding help. She spent memorable time with the children at the centre, even for just few hours. She observed all the activities at CCID and collected information. She also assured us that she will try her best to raise fund through which these intellectually disabled children get better service and care. While she visited our center she shared her experience about the centre. 

Deanna, together with her friend Karen Rose was with Volunteer Society Nepal during August/September 2013.

Today we went to the disabled children’s school in New Baneshwor to give them all the kind donations we ended up with nearly $500 Australian which will go a long way here. Thanks everyone. It was lovely to go back again and see how they have improved everything with just donations. The women who work with the children are amazing and Meena who manages the school is one incredible lady. We had a beautiful welcome.with a hand picked bunch of flowers each from the children then dancing, photos and a tour. Even Ronnie danced with the children we raised approx $500 Australian.

We spent sometime at the children’s disability school run by Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN), not all were there as it was their first day back after the 15 day festival of Dashain festival. I was amazed at the new building and the facilities they now have compared to 4yrs ago it’s a tremendous effort. Meena has managed to do an amazing upgrade. The children are very happy and we had lots of photos taken of myself and Ronnie dancing with the children and with Meena and the Children. Bunch of beautiful flowers for each of us from the children gave us a surprise !! We have had such a special time here and feel very loved by all the Nepalese people who we have had close contact with. These people are very special. Ronnie definitely wants to come back again which I think says it all. Thank you so much everyone for helping these beautiful people give pleasure and purpose to these delightful children 22 in all when they have full attendance. I will post some photos for you to see. Our stay in Nepal such a happy one, so helpful.

Thank you everyone. 

Deanna Dean

CCID, Meena and VSN (Volunteer Society Nepal) would like to thank everyone for their donations.

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