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Volunteers’ review: Occupational therapist work in an orthopedic hospital in Kathmandu

One of our volunteers shares her positive experience working as an occupational therapist in the orthopedic hospital in Kathmandu:

“Times can be hard as a recently graduated occupational therapist going abroad to volunteer in a country where occupational therapy isn’t well known.

Through Volunteer Society Nepal I am doing voluntary work at an orthopedic hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal, here I work at the physiotherapy department. Occupational therapist work is not well known in Nepal. I recently graduated and therefore don’t have that much working experience yet. It is quite a challenge to implement my occupational therapist views and skills and share them with my physiotherapist colleagues. Meanwhile the language barrier is always present too.

Yesterday I informed and explained a chronic back pain patient about pacing his days, the effect of relaxation on tensed muscles and therefore on his pain, having good posture, doing his exercises and gave him advise to help him getting into and staying asleep. This patient then told the physiotherapist that if the doctors would have explained this to him and other chronic pain patients in the same way as I did and with the same information, that 50% of patients would be able to cope better with their pain! This really made my day and I felt really happy that I was able to use my occupational therapy knowledge!

Always stay positive and look for openings to implement occupational therapist skills!”

For more information on volunteering as an occupational therapist or physiotherapist go to here.



Treating a patient

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Observing a session



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