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Occupational therapist volunteering in Nepal

Marjolein came to Nepal for our occupational therapist volunteering program and started working at the Center for Children with Intellectual Disabilities. Marjolein immediately noticed that some of the kids would benefit from some extra support to enjoy better movements of the arms or legs. For example one child has his hands bend and it is difficult for him to reach or touch anything. With special splints this can be fixed and he can have more functionality with his hand and contact. Today the orthotist came to measure the four kids that would get treatment and support such as splints and braces. This is not easy when the children don’t know what is happening and move all the time! Now the measurements are done and we are now waiting for the new splints and braces to arrive. Thank you Marjolein! To be continued…

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Marjolein is giving excercise to this child with leg problems

Taking the arm size for a splint.


 Putting his feet right…

This is no fun! Making a mall for a foot splint

  And in only 5 minutes one mall of a leg is made!


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