Child Care

About Child Care

Many children in Nepal are deprived of attention, homework help, and good nutrition, as their families are poor and do not have the time nor money to support them in their child care. When their school day ends, these children return to their homes and spend the rest of the day taking care of their fellow siblings or roaming the streets. Most of these children end up leaving school early and finding work as child laborers in restaurants, factories and hotels, and as trash collectors. Most of these children are going to government schools within which the standard of education is lower and the parents cannot pay the expensive fees for private schools.

To help these children to further develop themselves, Volunteer Society Nepal is starting an After School Program that offers children the opportunity to get guidance with their homework, explore their own ideas, create through art, connect through music, dance, and play games. Volunteers can help these children by providing them with these after school activities and guiding them with their homework. The children are mostly between the ages of four and fifteen and have a basic understanding of English.

Our goal is to uphold the value that every child has a right to: safe shelter, proper hygiene, food and education no matter the country where they are born. And all children should enjoy childhood where they feel loved, looked after, and provided with the tools to become strong and independent adults. Your support and care will go on a long way in helping many children who otherwise may not have the opportunity to engage in a secure and positive life. With the average annual income of just $240 a year, your money will be go further in helping those who are in need of help the most.

Be a part of making a difference

Join our Volunteering programs

We offer volunteering opportunities depending on your skills and interests to make a difference by joining our volunteering, internship, charity tourism programs so that we can run our projects smoothly. To protect the children from harm, Volunteer Society Nepal asks each volunteer to sign the VSN Child and The VSN Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy.

As a volunteer, you may:

  • Help the children with their schoolwork and homework
  • Organize camp and tours to various places on their vacations
  • Play games
  • Teach drawing classes
  • Have fun organizing singing, dancing and painting
  • Organize other activities that children enjoy.