Child Sponsorship in Nepal

Child Sponsorship in Nepal is needed as two-thirds of Nepal’s children are severely deprived and 40% live in absolute poverty due to a decade long civil war and political instability. Children are deprived of their basic right to education due to poverty, underdevelopment, mass illiteracy and socioeconomic problems, such as, child labor, girl trafficking, bonded labor and discrimination against female children. Many families lack sufficient resources, both physical and social, thus making their children more vulnerable to illiteracy and poverty.

Major indicators:

  • 33% of children live below the poverty line.
  • 40% of children are deprived of 2 out of 7 basic human needs eg. sanitation, information, shelter, water, food, education and health.
  • 7% of children defecate in open spaces.
  • 41% of rural children are underweight and 51% stunted growth through malnutrition.
  • Under-5 mortality rate is 65/1000 live births.
  • Infant mortality rate is 51/1000 live births.

Volunteer Society Nepal dedicates itself to social development through supporting the family unit by providing social service resources and financial/material assistance, enabling the children to access their basic right of education.
Your sponsorship will directly enable children to take advantage of alternative opportunities and break the cycle of oppression.
Sponsoring a child from Nepal is a rewarding and heart-full experience. The sponsorship gives each child the chance to get the maximum level of school education that is available in Nepal. This gives them a better grounding in English and the main subjects required for college and further education – and a real chance to make their future brighter.
Education is a main priority to create long-term options for the future of the children and this sponsorship gives you the opportunity to really experience the difference you can make by helping one person – to have a life opportunity they would not otherwise have. It also gives the child the chance to have a friend who cares about their future and well-being. Imagine how it can feel to have someone thinking about you and your welfare; even if they are far away, it truly does inspire a trust.

Make a difference by sponsoring a child in Nepal