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Sofie De Paermentier.


Volunteering at an orphanage

After graduating as social workers we decided to do volunteer work. Now we just completed our 2-month volunteering experience. As we have so many things its very difficult to write in a summary because every day in Nepal was a different adventure! The first few days were a big culture shock! The traffic attacks all your senses, the culture is completely different and the language is hard to understand. Also the poverty which you can see everywhere was hard to take. But, VSN provided enough support with Nepali language and cultural classes, sight seeing, work orientation. All those supports compelled us to take every easily and started loving Nepal and Nepali people. We found Nepali people appreciate it very much when you just say some Nepali words. Everywhere where we went, people treated us as  god: they are so friendly and social! As Western people, we should take an example of this.

Our host family was great: a nice warm family who gives enough space to do the things that you want. All the people are very flexible and open, and they want you to be happy! When we start working in an orphanage with 42 children we felt very uncomfortable because the children didn’t know us, didn’t speak English and we didn’t know what to do with them. So we just find our way observing and playing and one week later it felt like we knew them for months! At the end of this volunteer work the contact with the kids is so warm that they ask us to stay the baby even cried when we said good bye in the evening. Sometimes we go home with mixed feelings because you see that they don’t have much toys, not much food, dirty clothes, no heat, so we tried, together with VSN, to solve as many problems as we can and give the children a nice home. For example: we provided fruits and vegetables twice a week, we painted all the dorms and the classroom, we put down some warm carpet and decorated the rooms. We saw that the kids love it and that gives so much satisfaction!

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