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Petra Bakker


Volunteering at Disability Center and Orphanage

I opted for voluntary activity during November/ December 2016 through support for day care and management in “Centre for Children with intellectual Disability” and support in an orphanage. I see myself doing volunteering to enrich myself and to learn from another culture, but especially helping with practicalities and knowledge transfer. The planning was to stay three weeks in Kathmandu and three weeks Salleri. Although I very much wanted to go to Salleri I decided to stay in Kathmandu. It did not feel right to leave directly after building a relationship and trust. In the disabled center, I keep myself busy with making wall painting in the rooms and consultancy in the field (bearing structure and how to give the children boundaries).

The most enjoyable is the joy and warmth of the children when a girl at the disabled centre says that she is really going to miss me.

At the orphanage with mostly the older children, it involved homework guidance and entertainment. I still remember the joy on Ama’s face when she sees the Christmas tree.

Besides volunteering, I helped with a financial contribution for a custom handicapped chair, a sensitivity plate and different play equipment worth 17 000 NPR. At the orphanage we bought a Christmas tree through consultation with the children and I cooked for 22 people (14 000 NPR).
I have a very positive experience and warm feeling living in a Nepali family, working with VSN staffs, going by local bus every day to the disabled center and also working with the local staff. Everyone is very helpful, kind and grateful. The whole experience put everything in perspective. I hope my connections with (insurance) companies can help in providing more equipment for the disabled center and contribution for the orphanage.

I also went for hiking near Kathmandu with another volunteer Miss Sophie Thissen. All the arrangements were made perfectly by VSN.

I really like the Nepali People. Their hospitality is great. What I don’t like is, in the tourist areas sellers ask extra high price.

Petra Bakker



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