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volunteer teaching at women center in Nepal

Janique Scharenborg


Volunteering in Nepal in various projects

Janique Scharenborg shares her  experience of volunteering in Nepal

Update! A week ago I started my volunteer work with Volunteer Society Nepal. I’m volunteering in two projects: The Orphanage and The Women’s Center.

– Orphanage –
Sometimes I help in the kitchen, but I’m mostly together with the kids. I help them with their homework and we sing a lot together, practice the “Cup Song” and play (sports) games. They also discovered my English topography game on my phone. Five little kids hubbled together over my phone with the world map! So cute.

– Women’s Center –
In my class I have ten women of all ages. They are very motivated and present at 11.30 every day (okay I lie: some are late every day). We jointly start singing the Nepalese national anthem every day. We (Rabina Khadka, Doris Donelan and I) teach English and math by giving them small assignments and doing creative activities together. We played the game “I’m going to travel and take with me” in dance version (yes, they are good at dancing!!) and the fruit mix game works very well too. In addition to learning English, it gives them significantly more self-confidence. We laugh a lot together. It’s so nice !!

– Nepali Life –
I get a better sence of culture and traditions. The father in my host family can also tell a lot about the festivals and rituals. For example, about a girl who lives between her 5th and her first menstruation in the same temple. Outside the temple, her feet must not touch the ground!

Every day is different and unexpected situations occur again. The other day there was a cow behind me on the street and I was walking faster and faster to avoid it but it kept following me! And we received a spontaneous taxi exchange due to a missing license plate before a police check. And then I walk on the street, I look to the left and saw two goats being beheaded at 1 meter distance! I will spare you the details.

The most beautiful thing about being here? Experience how people interact, and how ‘just being and accepting’ is a beautiful way of life.

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