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Volunteering in Nepal

Carina Fung

Toronto , Canada

Volunteering in Nepal

When I first stepped out of the airport in Kathmandu I was very nervous about my stay in Nepal. There were many people trying to sell me things by the airport entrance and I thought to myself I m never going to find the VSN coordinator I was suppose to meet. Luckily he spotted me right away and got my attention. He settled me in very quickly to my new home and arranged for us to meet the next day for language classes. This was beginning of my very incredible trip in Pepsi Cola Kathmandu.

carina-fung-with-other-vsn-nepal-volunteersIn the three months I have stayed here I have not only made great friends with the other volunteers from around the world, but I have also been welcomed with open arms by the Nepali people and staff of VSN. My host family has been anything but generous with sharing their homes and lives with me, guiding me through the everyday aspects of Nepali life and providing me with an endless supply of delicious dal bhat. The staff at VSN are both friendly and informative and you can always count on asking them questions about Nepal, places to visit and projects to help out with.

VSN is flexible enough to allow you to work on multiply projects and as well as take time off to explore the wonders of Nepal. My time at the Women’s Center, CBIA School and the Orphanage has shown the resilience of the Nepalese people and the eagerness they have to improve not only themselves but also their community and society as a whole. Those I have encountered with here at Pepsi Cola and Kortoshower have been an inspiration to me. It saddens me to see that it is often the lack of access to resources that are limiting their growth and development. After spending time here I truly believe Nepal is a magnificent place and grow to be so much more if just given the right assistance. The saying “any little bit helps” definitely applies.

It has been difficult for me to say good bye to all the wonderful people I have meet and have had the chance to learn from. But I am also grateful for the opportunity to have known and I wish VSN the best of luck and I hope that they continue to do the inspirational work that they are doing.

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