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Learn more about the experience of volunteering with Volunteer Society Nepal, from our previous helpers from around the world.

Wow...... Well what can i say I'm completely lost for words over the time spent in this beautiful country with some of .

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Caitlin Ward


With our plane leaving the 23th of March 2017 one of the best experiences of my life had started. I'll never forget .

vsn-teach in monastries



This feels surreal. It's 5.30am and here I am flanked by 3 young monks in their regalia next to me at Zero Point, where .

volunteer in nepal

Hazleena Hashim


After graduating as social workers we decided to do volunteer work. Now we just completed our 2-month volunteering experience. As we have .

Sofie De Paermentier.


In the fall my wife and I, along with our 15 year old daughter, decided to travel to Nepal and spend some .

Mark A. Beck


I opted for voluntary activity during November/ December 2016 through support for day care and management in “Centre for Children with intellectual .

Petra Bakker


"It was the first time that I did volunteering work and also the first time alone outside Europe. VSN Nepal did a .

Ilona Van de Vijver


I arrived at VSN Nepal full of anticipation. After two weeks of trekking, I had learned a little Nepali and was ready .

Jennifer Pasinosky


VSN Nepal is an amazing NGO that deeply cares about its volunteers and the Nepali people that they serve to assist. They .

Allison Dobek


I volunteered in Nepal for five months, and spent the entire time with VSN. I found them to be a helpful and .

Marielle Harrison


Leaving friends and family behind I boarded a plane to Nepal to meet my “new family” for the next 8 months. Moving .

Kirstin Powell-Williams


Volunteering in Nepal has been one of the nicest experiences I’ve had, mostly for what I’ve learned. I volunteered in Kaskikot, which .

Marta Caceres


I am from Holland but living in Paris. This summer I went off to Nepal on my own and had the most .

Janette Helleu


I left England a little apprehensive as I had never spent more than three weeks away from home, never mind selling my .

Tracey Strathdee


When I first stepped out of the airport in Kathmandu I was very nervous about my stay in Nepal. There were many .

volunteering in nepal experience of carina fung

Carina Fung

Toronto , Canada

How we decided to come to Nepal? My wife and I, both teachers, were working with a not for profit organisation active .