Donations & Fundraising

Volunteer Society Nepal is locally founded Nepali volunteering organization that has already been able to establish and run multiple projects like a center for intellectually disabled children,  a charitable school, orphanageswomen’s centers to provide vocational training and non-formal education, sponsorship programs for needy children, delivering regular nutritious food supplies to different orphanages and regular educational supplies to different schools by utilizing the fees that we receive (Fundraising Support) from our volunteers. Through our projects, we have been able to provide supports to hundreds of underprivileged children and women. We are committed to serving the communities of Nepal.
Donate to which project and exactly for what?
Women Center
Women have a difficult position in Nepal. They have less access to education and, in addition to caring for their children, often have to do a lot of work. In order to empower these women, the provision of education for these disadvantaged women is very important. We want to teach them more independence through education, support and training. Therefore, in 2017, thanks to a large donation, we have been able to build and open a center for women who are not yet able to read, write or calculate well. We also teach in English. Most women are over 30 years old. Some are going to school for the first time!

Here are some examples of how your donation could be used:

50 euros will fund:

  • to buy books for a woman in the VSN’s literacy programs, or a woman in the VSN literacy classes

100 euros will fund:

  • to buy a sewing machine for the VSN’s training programs, or for a woman starting her own business

150 euros will fund::

  • to pay rent for the women center for a month.

150 euros will fund: :

  • to hire a teacher who teaches 30 underprivileged women for a month

250 euro will fund::

  • to pay for a woman to take part in a 6 month tailoring training course

250 euro will fund: :

  • to pay for a woman to take part in a 6 month weaving training course

250 euro will fund: :

  • to buy a computer to run computer classes for the women

1000 euro will fund:  :

  • to set up a nice library for women

Center for Children with Intellectual Disabilities

Our center for children with intellectual disabilities has 25 children that are looked after. The parents of these children do not have enough money to support their children and instead of keeping them locked up, they can now bring them to the center. Our center  is looking for small donations for some materials and for organizing some social events with the kids.

100 euro will fund:

  • Organize recreational program for the children
  • Salary for house maid for one month

200 euro will fund:

  • Nutritional food supplies for one month
  • Transportation costs for children

500 euro will fund:

  • Rent for two months

1000 euro will fund:

  • New winter clothes for ALL of the children
  • 2 months worth of dry food

Affordable Quality School (CBIA)

In Kathmandu, in the district “PepsiCola”, in 2008 there was a need for affordable quality schools. That’s why we started a private school (CBIA), without a profit. Thus, the school fees can remain low. For 20-25% of the children is a special arrangement, they do not pay school fees. The school finances this with the school fees of the remaining 75-80%. In this way, all children have an equal chance of high-quality education. The vision and approach soon became a huge success. The school grew rapidly, in reputation and in size. We now have 800 students with which we are almost at the maximum. We have rightly built an excellent name, which is also reflected in the actual school results and exams. The school is now self-sufficient for the running budget, but we are looking for donations to further develop it.

Donate now for:

  • The redevelopment of the science room
  • Tthe refurbishment of the computer room
  • The use of tablets for students who are running behind
  •  The expansion of the library

Any donation, big or small, will be greatly appreciated. If you wish to donate to a specific project, please let us know and we can direct the funds as requested.

Take an opportunity to make a difference in lives of children and women in Nepal.


The goodwill to volunteer in Nepal is a great first step. On this page you can find hints, tips and resources to help raise your volunteer fees or for extra money to fund a particular project

We firmly believe our volunteer fees offer exceptional value for money, so that as many people as possible can volunteer in Nepal. Below we have pulled together some basic fundraising guidelines that can be used to help raise money for your volunteer fee, or to raise extra money to fund a particular project.

Should I bring extra money or supplies from home?

Many of our volunteers bring money with them and some also bring clothes and other items. When choosing what to bring though, please remember how cheap things are in Nepal: a pair of socks is around $0.50, a full badminton set $3, warm winter clothes around $10. A small amount of money can go a long way here.

Simple ideas for raising money:

  • Give yourself plenty of time so you can collect money and develop good ideas
  • Be clear on your placement so you can explain to people exactly what you are doing and why it is worthwhile
  • Make it easy for people to donate money online; Just Giving and Click and Pledge are both good websites
  • Contact EVERYONE you can think of. No matter how small the donation, it is all put to good use

Past volunteer’s ideas:

  • Organise a home cooked dinner and ask 15 or 20  euros per person. Profits go to VSN.
  • Run a Marathon or sponsored 10k
  • Long distance cycling trips
  • Write a column for a newspaper about your experiences
  • Sponsored neighborhood car washes
  • At a wedding or anniversary ask guests to give money instead of gifts
  • Shave your hair off!

Possible ideas for schools, universities and companies:

Many groups raise money at home for a particular project they will be working on in Nepal. Raising money for a new project, and then being a part of building it is both rewarding and satisfying. Many groups hold events to raise the required funds such as concerts, plays or sports tournaments, at which they tell people about VSN and the work they will be doing.

Why not try:

  • A sponsored school event such as a play or concert
  • Renting out a bar for all your friends and charging a small entrance fee to raise funds
  • Hosting a pub quiz with occasional questions about Nepal
  • 5-a-side Football tournaments
  • ‘Battle of the bands’