Payment and Booking Process

Payment and booking (Payment and Booking Process) for your volunteer placement is very simple: no deposit is required, just complete the online form and click submit

How do I reserve my placement?
At VSN we do not have complex process for making reservations (Payment and Booking Process). Simply complete the form on the Apply Now page, including uploading a passport photo and CV, and click submit. We will then email you back with answers to any questions you may have before confirming your place.
How do I pay for my placement?

On Arrival:

Most people choose to pay on arrival as this avoids incurring high bank fees for international transfers. The fee is to be paid on the day of or day after your arrival at the VSN Office in Kathmandu and can be paid in Nepali rupees, American Dollars, Pounds Sterling or Euros in cash. This will be arranged as part of your induction. Payment in installments is only available for volunteers staying longer than 3 months.

In advance:
If you would prefer to pay in advance we accept wire transfers directly into our account or through Western Union. Nepali bank accounts are not approved to receive Paypal payments at this time so please Contact Us by email and we can send you our bank details.Pre-departure preparations for volunteering:
Once you have decided to come and reserved your place you can find information on what to bring and what to expect on our Volunteer Welcome page.

The placements range from rural areas that take several days trekking to reach, to others in and around Kathmandu that allow you to easily maintain contact with people back home, so if you are not sure what you would like to do, but you do know where, then take a look at our locations page