Why Pay For Volunteering

You probably asked yourself on occasion. Why pay for volunteering? After all…you’re offering your services free of charge… and on top of that you have to pay? How ridiculous is that?? The question one should ask though is: “what is it I’m paying for?” In the following points, we will shed light on this question, and hopefully will have answered any misconceptions many people have on volunteering.

As a potential intern/volunteer you need to understand that below is a list of reasons why a program fee is required.

7. Programmatic Support & Continuity

We need money to run our ongoing projects. Our funding typically comes from volunteer fees. We have to tack on a fee for our programs, and the staff are required to run us. While volunteers are involved in daily activities, most people cannot volunteer for more than 6 months. We need to keep paid staff members to ensure continuity of our programs and administrative duties.