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Women’s Center Momo Workshop

On Wednesday, July 26th at 9 in the morning, a momo workshop was held at Volunteer Society Nepal’s women’s center. 13 volunteers gathered at the women’s center to be taught how to make vegetable and chicken momos by the women from the center. The workshop was meant to raise money for the women’s center while at the same time teaching the volunteers how to make a typical Nepali food. The workshop also gave the Nepali women a chance to practice their conversational and directional English.

           The volunteers began by chopping vegetables, and the women helped them to cut and dice. Next, garlic was blended to be added to the vegetables along with salt and oil. The momo dough consisted of just flour and water, but tying the dough around the filling proved to be the most difficult part for the volunteers! The women went around to the volunteers and showed them how to pinch the dough around the vegetable and chicken filling. Every momo looked different based off of the person who had made them. The women’s momos looked professional!

The momos were steamed for half an hour, and then everyone sat down to have a delicious Nepali meal. It was a great opportunity for the volunteers who don’t teach at the women’s center to meet the women, and now they can bring this useful recipe back home to different countries across the world! Heightened awareness in other parts of the world for Nepali food and Nepali culture can work towards more human rights for the women of Nepal who make the food.

Money that was raised from the momo workshop will go towards buying more cooking supplies for another workshop that will be even more successful! There will be more workshops in the coming weeks that will raise more money for the women center, and this money can go towards things like new English books for the women so they can improve their learning, and a building for a proper kitchen in the women’s center. The workshop was overall a success, and there will definitely be more to come.

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