Digital Nomad Program

Join us, do your regular Digital Nomad work and volunteer at the same time!

We are looking for digital nomads to come to Nepal and help us with a range of different projects. According to your skills we can decide what would be the best project for you. With this special Digital Nomad Program, you can do your regular Digital Nomad work AND make a difference to the local community.

The Digital Nomads program entails:

  • A volunteering project in your field of business for a couple of hours a day: tourism, marketing, social media, website building or teaching English. You can also do something completely different like designing a new disabled children center, construction work, gardening or setting up cooking workshops at a women center. Just discuss your skills with us and we can find you something with which you can help Nepal move forward.
  • An office space for you to work in and also do your regular Digital Nomad job
  • A room for yourself on a separate floor with other volunteers or Digital Nomads, with the host family living below you, cooking you breakfast and dinner
  • A weekly ‘Co-working Thursday’ social gathering in another co-working space in the city.
  • An introduction into Nepali culture, language class and tours of Kathmandu
  • Pick up from the airport and general backup and support during your stay
  • A network of Digital Nomads, volunteers, Nepali and fun social activities


Your help and skills can make a big difference! In return you get an enormously rewarding experience and learn how to apply your knowledge and experience in developing countries. Once you have joined this program, within a couple of months you made yourself at home in Kathmandu and might even find more projects for your own Digital Nomad work; there are loads of opportunities here!

Digital Nomad and volunteering in Nepal: What will I be doing?

  • You usually work five days per week for a couple of hours per day.
  • You will work with a Volunteer Society Nepal manager as well as independently. To volunteer you will need your own equipment and self- motivation for the work that you will be doing.
  • Digital Nomads receive Nepali language lessons in their first week in Nepal. There will usually between 2 and 5 other digital nomads or volunteers in Kathmandu at the same time as you.


The fee is the same as the regular volunteering fees and you will find them here.

Curious how life in Kathmandu as a Digital Nomad is like? Read the Digital Nomad Guide to Kathmandu.

Sign up for the Digital Nomad program here, mention the Digital Nomad program, your wishes and background in the message.

Once you arrive we organize an introduction for you. We deem this to be highly valuable and it’s a program valued by many volunteers and digital nomads in the past. By means of an introduction you can acclimatize and prepare for your volunteering. You can begin at you project rested and prepared. In this way you can be really effective.

Arriving to work in a foreign country can be a nerve-wracking experience, this is why at VSN we provide a friendly and in-depth welcome. The in-depth welcome encompasses basic language training, cultural training and sightseeing through Kathmandu and surrounding. This is what you can expect from the moment when you touch down at Tribhuvan International Airport. The program may vary depending on your time of arrival. We will manage to include all below mentioned activities in you introduction program.

While you volunteer with Volunteer Society Nepal you will be staying with a Nepali host family. Be part of a Nepali family. Eat together with the family. Play with the children. Experience the rich Nepali culture firsthand. Many volunteers tell us this unique insight into the culture of Nepal is a key part of why they come back again and again.

All our host families have conducted a training regarding hosting volunteers adequately. They know how to ensure hygiene and provide security. They will treat you as a member of the family. To secure the knowledge of the western culture and desires we train our host families yearly.

Although we do not experience it frequently and it can be considered very rare, it could be possible you are not satisfied at your host family. In that case, it’s possible to switch host family. We want to guarantee your happiness and secure the positive experience of Nepal.  Hence, we remain contact if every runs properly at your host family during your stay.

When you arrive on placement you will be introduced to your host family by the VSN representative and given a full tour of the premises. Many of our host families have children and it seems many of our volunteers enjoy helping them with their English, learning to cook Nepali food and mixing in with their life. The other way around, we experience volunteers learn a lot from the hosts and children regarding the life in Nepal.

At the host families you will stay with or without fellow volunteers. You can clarify you preference and we will take that into account while arranging your host family. It is always possible to stay as a couple or group of friends in one host family. You should consider the host family as you temporary family in Nepal. As they will treat and value you as a family member. They can even so help you regarding how to discover the neighborhood, advice on travels and offer you warmth in times of homesickness.

You should not expect luxury on your stay in Nepal. Nepal is a developing country and may well be different from what you are used to at home. However, you will have your own room unless requested otherwise, and the rooms are always clean and comfortable. The quality of toilet and washing facilities vary significantly between placements. If you are based in Kathmandu you may find you have a hot shower and a Western style toilet in your homestay. However, if you are in a rural placement then it is more likely that you will have a traditional squat toilet and a cold shower. If you feel like having a hot shower and flushing toilet is a priority then make this clear when you are applying and we will see if it is possible to find you one of our better equipped host families.

On placement you will usually eat with the family and share the same food as them. At least two meals a day are provided for you while volunteering. The usual meal times are between 9 and 10 AM and 6 and 8 PM. You will usually be served the national staple of Dal Bhat Tarkari which is a tasty and filling plate of rice, vegetable curry, lentils and pickles. It may occasionally have meat such as chicken or mutton in it, although if you are vegetarian this can easily be explained. This may be supplemented occasionally by noodles, eggs and other snacks dependent on your host family and placement

Your hosts family will provide you with clean drinking water on your placement.

The Digital Nomad Placement Is Available At The Following Beautiful Places:

Kathmandu Valley

The Kathmandu Valley lies at the crossroads of ancient civilizations of Asia, and has at least 130 important monuments, including several places of pilgrimage for the Hindus and Buddhists. The cities of Kathmandu, Patan, Bhaktapur, Kirtipur and Chobhar are located in this valley, and each displays excellent examples of Newar art and architecture. The valley is the cultural and political hub of Nepal, but this melting pot of traditions and different Nepali >>>>

Why pay for volunteering?

You probably asked yourself on occasion. Why pay for volunteering? After all…you’re offering your services free of charge… and on top of that you have to pay? How ridiculous is that?? The question one should ask though is: “what is it I’m paying for?” In the following points, we will shed light on this question, and hopefully will have answered any misconceptions many people have on volunteering. As a potential intern/volunteer you need to understand that below is a list of reasons why a program fee is required.

Note: In some cases, you may work directly for the organization in need of volunteers and there may be volunteering program with little fee. These organizations may be local or international, and their process for applying generally differs from our organization as it will be more tailored to their requirements and needs and less so on those of the volunteers. But, be aware that they usually are unable or unwilling to provide above mentioned logistics and support like arranging housing, orientation, sight -seeing, language classes, visa Assistance, 24/7 support and social and Cultural activities etc.

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