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Volunteers from China

Volunteers from China teach Chinese language at schools, help the children at the orphanage and help at the Centre for Children with Intellectual disabilities:

Volunteer Society Nepal has launched Chinese language teaching programs at schools in Kathmandu since 2012. The program is very popular among the under graduate students from China and so far VSN has provided volunteering opportunities to more than five hundred Chinese students. The most significant thing that has been observed in this program is unique relation and harmony between volunteers and school students, sharing cross cultural activities and languages. Beside teaching Chinese language, the volunteers from China also get involved in teaching extracurricular activities, Mathematics, English, Science etc. and help the children at the orphanages.

Recently we had several numbers of volunteers from China who were involved in teaching Chinese language at schools and also helping the children at the orphanages and at the disabled center.

Li Huiqin, Zou Yang, Fan Shuling, Fan Wenlu, Sheng Xiaolu and Zhang Ting are among the volunteers from China during this May.


“While we entered the classroom, all the children immediately stood up and shouted Ni Hao in very respectful manner”, a Chinese volunteer girl shares her experience. “This really impressed and helped us a lot to teach Chinese language in friendly environment”. The volunteers’ teach basic writing and about Chinese culture and festivals, shouting out Chinese words for their students to repeat. Some even teach children the calligraphy, Chinese songs, dances etc.

One of our volunteer comments “Education in Nepal is very different from China. In China, it’s strict, unlike here, but every day, I’m so happy to just teach and play with the children.”

Being China as a growing economy in the world and also with the popularity of getting higher education in China, Nepalese students learn Chinese language with great interest. The increasing number of Chinese tourists in Nepal has made the language a lucrative skill.

Volunteering abroad not only allows the volunteers to experience places and cultures that are completely different from their own; it also provides valuable insights and skills that are a great addition to their CV.

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