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Volunteer’s Nepali lessons

To get to know a new culture, it’s better if you can interact with local people, even if it’s at a basic level.
That’s why Volunteer Society Nepal is offering Nepali lessons to every new volunteer.

Depending on the duration of your stay with us, you will learn the basics of Nepali during one to five lessons. With these words and sentences in mind, you will be able to speak with your home family. You manage to catch a bus, buy some souvenirs or chat with the people you will meet on the streets during your free time.

Our professors will help you to learn how to introduce yourself, to ask basic questions and to be able to manage daily-life situations.
A “Nepali Survival Dictionary” will also be provided to you.

In the video you will see four of our volunteers from Singapore grasping the basics of Nepali language. As you see: learning a new language is not only useful but also fun!

If you want to have more information about volunteering in Nepal please have a look at our volunteering opportunities.



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