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Volunteers’ support at Centre for Children with Intellectual Disabilities (CCID)

Most of the volunteers raise some fund from friends and families at their home country before they leave for Nepal. We, at VSN suggest them to spend those amounts at their volunteering placements. The volunteers observe what is needed at the placements while they work there.
Jos de Klein and Willemien de Klein, a couple from The Netherlands while volunteering at one of our project “Centre for Children with Intellectual Disabilities” donated several needful things with the amount they have raised from friends and families in Netherlands. The list of the items which they donated are:

1. New carpets for three rooms and passage
2. Stainless steel cups 1 dz.
3. Stainless steel drinking glass ½ dz.
4. Stainless steel Hot pot 2 sets
5. Writing copy 2 dz.
6. Writing pen 10 pcs
7. Chart papers 15 pcs
8. Paper cutting scissor 1 set
9. White board markers
10. Applied fresh paints on the walls of the rooms.
11. Deposited some fund for children’s welfare

Now Jos de Klein and Willemien de Klein are in Salleri, in the Himalayan region where they are helping young monks for their English language in the monastery. They will be involved in helping several other projects of VSN. Before leaving in late November, Jos de Klein and Willemien de Klein will also join the Tibet tour which will be orgarnised by VSN itself. Volunteer Society Nepal’s sister organization http://vsntourandtreks.com/ will be handling all their trekking and travel related matters.
Volunteer Society Nepal and Centre for Children with Intellectual Disabilities would like to thank Jos de Klein and Willemien de Klein for their generous support.

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