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Weekend Hike in Chandragiri

This weekend the volunteers enjoyed a hike up the Chandragiri hills, escaping the haze and relishing in the rich lush landscape. Embracing the excercise, we took a steep trail straight up to the top, where a copious lunch and stunning views awaited. As clouds closed in in the afternoon, most of the volunteers decided to take the cable car down, to avoid the threatening torrential rain.

It was an amazing day and another successful Volunteer Meet-up, our initiative to gather the volunteers several times a week so they can bond, exchange experiences and best practices and discover more about Kathmandu, Nepali culture as well as nature!

In the last few weeks, we organised a rooftop yoga session and movie night, a salsa dancing evening, and celebrated the Nepali New Year in Bhaktapur. Keep checking our Facebook for photos and updates!


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