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Dashain Festival Celebration at Centre for Children with Intellectual Disabilities (CCID)

We, at CCID, take huge effort to celebrate festivals, big or small. We try to find the common reason or common rituals for a particular festival and we celebrate it. These kind of activities help strengthen the imaginations in our children. We try to fill our children’s lives with smiles and stories, share our culture and enjoy simple local delicacies.

In Nepal, “Dashain”, our national festival started from 21st of September and will be celebrated until 2nd of October throughout the nation. During this festival, sowing of maize and barley seeds in an earthen pot filled with sand and soil take place in every houses. Here at CCID, we also sowed Barley seeds to germinate in an earthen pot several days ahead of the festival. The children showed lot of enthusiasm regarding the germination and growing of barley plants.

On 22nd of September, we organized Dashain festival celebration at CCID. Auspicious red “Tika” and small yellow barley plants were offered during the celebration.

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