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Volunteering in a Monastery: an Encounter with Buddhist religion

Nepal is a center of attraction for many tourists and volunteers because of its richness in culture, religions and traditions. If you are interested in volunteering along with having a religious experience as well, volunteering in a monastery is the best choice. A monastery serves as the home for many monks who have devoted their life for the sake of learning religious preaching. In order to be a pure monk one has to abide by strict discipline and make a lot of sacrifices.

Volunteer Chad from the USA is volunteering with us now in one of our monasteries at Boudha. He is very happy to volunteer at this monastery and teach the Monks. Chad teaches about 50 monks for 2 hours daily. He says “I am very excited to work with the monks and teach them.” It is his first experience and he is really enjoying it. On the one hand a volunteer can teach English language and in return you get knowledge about the Buddhist culture. You can also ask the monks about their life style and about their meditation techniques. In this way both are equally benefiting: the monks and the volunteers.

Chad’s opinion about Nepal and Volunteer Society Nepal

“I am really thankful to the entire team of VSN for giving me an opportunity to volunteer in the monastery”. Chad is very pleased with the host family managed by the VSN: “The host family is very caring, cheerful and helpful at the same time”. He is also impressed with the Nepali foods served during his home stay. Last week he went on a trekking to Poon Hill to enjoy the views and mountain atmosphere. He was very fascinated by the natural beauty, beautiful scenery and the helping nature of the people there.

Recommendations for Volunteering in a Monastery

Chad recommends volunteers wishing to have a great time to join a monastery and teach the little monks. One does not need to make any preparations, you can come here with your open mind and the monks will welcome you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask the team of Volunteer Society Nepal. For more details One can visit our page about volunteering in monasteries.

volunteer monastery nepal

volunteer monastery nepal


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