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School receives Scholarship from dedicated volunteer

Thabke Dorje, from Australia has proposed an AIMS Scholarship for the students of AIMS School. The donation is to be made by him through a trust named “Rosemary Bruce Memorial Trust”. This trust was established by him in the memory of his mother. Earlier, this trust had helped for the construction of the women center. The funds will be released every year annually through VSN to the school. The students will be awarded with a scholarship at the beginning of the new academic session. The main objective of this proposal is to motivate students to achieve higher standards both academically and personally. It also aims to promote the AIMS school in its community attracting higher quality staff to the school.

Criteria for scholarship

Every year 3 students will be awarded scholarships based on the evaluation of their academic achievement, regular attendance and character. The students are to be decided by the school staffs. On the occasion of Parents day on the 20th of January, 2018 Thabke Dorje handed over the funding for the scholarship program to the AIMS school founder.

Past experiences

Earlier he was working as an English and a Science teacher at the same school. He had a life-changing experience while working there. This is his 2nd visit to Nepal and he is very excited to be a volunteering at the school again.

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The Scholarship is handed over

Children are celebrating this special occasion

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