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Family Volunteering in Nepal

Mark A. Beck


A family of volunteers in the Kathmandu Valley

In the fall my wife and I, along with our 15 year old daughter, decided to travel to Nepal and spend some time getting to know the people, seeing the country and offering some form of service. After checking into several service organizations on the web, we decided upon VSN Nepal. We had the feeling that we would prefer working with an organization that was totally Nepali based, where all funds stayed in Nepal. From the moment we were greeted at the airport until the day we left, we felt as if we were a part of our VSN family. It was a real pleasure to live with our Nepali family from VSN and we much preferred that compared to staying at a hotel. It was fun to eat the Nepali food, visit with the family and try to learn the language of Nepal. We felt very comfortable in the VSN surroundings and in doing service in the Kathmandu area. VSN was also very accommodating towards us and our desires to see the beautiful country of Nepal while we were there. What an amazing experience it was to also trek in the Himalayas and meet the people in the mountain villages. This is a country that is beyond description. Nepal will forever hold a special place in our hearts

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